Each year more than 40 million tones of electronic waste, in the form of old computers, televisions and mobile phones, is discarded around the world and the EU is one of the biggest producers of this waste. At UNYP we make every effort to operate our business in a way that is sustainable and environmentally responsible and one way that we do this is through the ecological disposal of the University's worn-out electronic devices.

The Waste Act specifies that by law 50-80% of every electrical appliance must be recycled. An average mobile phone consists of 15 grams of copper, half a gram of precious metals and 30 grams of plastic. By recycling and reusing components of this equipment new electronics can be produced without the use of more of our precious natural resources, and less e-waste will end up in our landfill.

This summer UNYP, in co-operation with the Czech electronic equipment recycling firm Asekol, saw the removal of 81 items, mostly out-dated computer displays and PCs. By recycling these items the University saved the environment 27,776 MWh of electrical energy and 1918,50 liters of oil!

Recycling isn’t the only destination for UNYP’s old electronics. Earlier this year the University donated 56 computers to charity project “Donate Computer" and helped to buy tablet to The Association to Help Children with disabilities “Motylek Butterfly”.

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