Exchange Program Offers Unique Opportunity in Malaysia

University of New York in Prague student Tereza Dusikova is no stranger to travel. Currently studying Communications and Mass Media, Tereza had trotted all over the globe before she decided to study abroad in Malaysia as part of UNYP’s exchange program. What she found there was the perfect complement to her classes at UNYP.

For the Fall semester, Tereza studied Event Management and Design at Taylor’s University in Selangor, subjects that provided the perfect supplement to her UNYP degree. From working in Photoshop to learning how to create a website, Tereza said she “got so much practical knowledge and experience at Taylor’s” that fit in perfectly with her studies in Prague.

Before she left in August, Tereza wasn’t sure what to expect. The majority religion in Malaysia is Islam, and with today’s political climate, she wasn’t sure if there would be any cultural clashes once he started her studies. Despite these momentary reservations, Malaysia was able to surprise her. “Selangor, the country’s capital, is such a modern and multicultural city,” she said. “Everyone was so nice and it was easy to get around and understand everyone.”

Still, there were times where Tereza was the only European in the room. In many of her classes, she was the only exchange student. However, it wasn’t difficult to make friends. For the fall semester, there were approximately 90 exchange students from all over the world, so she found herself with many companions.

You can’t mention study abroad without talking about the amazing travel opportunities. Once in Malaysia, Tereza was unable to unlock the beautiful beaches and landscapes of Southeast Asia. A group of her and 20 other exchange students traveled everywhere–from Borneo to the Phillippines–and all their adventures were very accommodating to a student budget. Tereza even used the opportunity to contribute to her travel blog, which covers destinations such a Pengange and Verona.

In the end, her advice for students contemplating studying abroad is this: “Get ready for traveling! It’s one of the best experiences of your life.”

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