Exciting events to kick off the Fall 2021 semester

Our hopes and dreams are coming true – we will start the Fall 2021 semester at UNYP in person! We cannot wait to welcome our students, staff and faculty back to UNYP Campus. It has been too long! We will ensure that we set the highest hygienic standards according to Covid-19 regulations, and our classrooms are ready for hybrid lectures for students who cannot currently travel to the Czech Republic. To pump you up for the upcoming academic year, we are preparing an action-packed September.


Start your semester at UNYP on a high note!


Orientation Week (30.8.2021 – 3.9.2021) 

Despite the challenges of the previous year and a half, we will be welcoming a very strong class to UNYP Orientation Week. We also look forward to welcoming the previous class, who missed the opportunity to attend such an in-person event last year. The peak of UNYP Orientation Week is a social event on a boat, where representatives from all the UNYP student clubs will be presenting, including TEDxUNYP, UNYP Blazers Football and Floorbal, UNYP Psychology Club, UNYP Literature Club and UNYP Finance Club.  


UNYP Press Conference (2.9.2021) 

We have some exciting news to share with the UNYP community and the general public. UNYP has worked hard to establish new partnerships with Rytíři Kladno (yes, Jaromír Jágr owns this club), the Czech Olympic Committee and the Economic Olympiad. The cherry on the top of this event is the unveiling of two new murals from street artist David Strauzz. David has created two new UNYP symbols near the library and on the back yard, and we cannot wait for you to see them.  


UNYP Student Council elections (2.9.2021 – 20.9.2021) 

This semester is a completely fresh start for the Student Council: all positions are vacant, and all students from the second semester can apply. UNYP SC is a key student-led organization, which ensures that UNYP students get what they need from UNYP. UNYP SC is largely responsible for the strength of the UNYP spirit, so if you want to improve your student life at UNYP and get direct access to behind-the-scenes activities, you should definitely apply to run for student council. Registration for applicants starts from September 2nd.  


TEDxUNYP 2021 (18.9.2021) 

TEDxUNYP 2021 will be the most anticipated and biggest event in UNYP history. We have moved TEDxUNYP to UNYP Arena this year, which means we have seats for 500 people! The TEDxUNYP team worked hard to bring 14 speakers and performers from all around the world to Prague, to present ideas worth sharing. You will hear talks about virtual reality, philanthropy, self-development and even TikTok. During this half-day event you can also look forward to supporting events, a goodie bag filled with vouchers and gifts, and catering by Zátiší included in the ticket price. Seats are in high demand, so don’t delay – pick up your tickets as soon as you can.  


We are very excited to start the upcoming semester on such a high note, and there will be more events to come. We hope to pump everyone up right at the start for a productive and successful semester. Lastly, we would like to remind you that all UNYP resources are still available, so don’t hesitate, and be sure to use everything UNYP has to offer.  

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