ExxonMobil Presentation at UNYP

The presentation of the multinational corporation ExxonMobil given by its Business Support Center in Prague on November 21st, 2013, was the first of a series of regular visits of representatives coming from large corporations and companies to UNYP, organized by the Career Office this academic year. 


The ExxonMobil is a company that has regularly offered working opportunities to our students and graduates and has repeatedly employed many of them. Students who attended their presentations always had a great opportunity to become familiar with the way the company operates and, moreover, what it is like to work for a leading employer in the oil and gas industry, which ExxonMobil is.

A good part of the last presentation was reserved for the discussion of recruitment process, CV tips & cover letter writing, behavioral event interview etc. The students thus got a very unique opportunity to learn first-hand about all the requirements and qualifications each employee should meetin order to work for such a corporation. Practical tips and advice were appreciated, as one of the participants - Olga Bugayova, MBA student, commented:  “I really liked the Exxon Mobil presentation about CV tips and Behavioral Event Interview. I found it very useful, as it was very informative and what’s more important – very practical. The company representatives have highlighted in a brief and structured manner some points that I found more than useful for a potential candidate for a position to be aware of. Furthermore – talking to people working for such a big international company with the multinational environment was not only interesting, but also very inspiring and motivating.”


Before closing their presentation, the ExxonMobil representatives invited the participants to visit the company’s facilities in Prague. The idea of organizing a company visit for a group of UNYP students was supported with enthusiasm. The UNYP Career Office and ExxonMobil will schedule the visit in the near future. 

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