Czech YouTuber joins UNYP

Jun 26 2018
Martin Carev at UNYP Gala

Martin Carev, Czech successful influencer and YouTuber, was interviewed by Hospodářské noviny about his decision to leave Charles University and join UNYP community. He discusses his experience visiting UNYP classes and professors and that he appreciated the dynamic teaching style, current topics and interactive classes. Martin also already met some students and alumni at 20th Anniversary Gala that he hosted and he was impressed by their achievements. 

"I like the dynamic style of teaching and interactive classes"

Martin will be studying on the Communication & Mass Media program,  he explains it will be a great way to learn how to apply his skills to other aspects of communications like journalism or advertising. It is also important to him to have a solid foundation of professional English to help him build his projects outside Czech Republic.

See the whole Czech article here.

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