Five Best Ways to Come Back from Holiday

Unless you have spent the past two months knee-deep in scientific studies and literature you brain is probably still in vacation mode. With just one week of holidays left, we have put together a short list of five best ways to make the transition to student’s life easier.

1. Get enough sleep

Although you have probably heard this advice a million times before, getting enough sleep is essential to your mental health. It determines your ability to sustain attention and maintain peak cognitive performance.  The recommended 7 hours of sleep a night will help you focus on your studies better!

2. Set academic goals for the semester

Write a list of goals you want to accomplish so you can plan how to prepare to achieve them. Writing out your goals will help you clarify what you want and give you a way to track your progress.

3. Get involved in the community

UNYP Student Council can help get to know more people. They organize numerous activities throughout the semester such as parties, movie nights and annual BBQ´s.

Studies have shown students involved in school activities are able to improve their GPA´s.

4. Plan something fun 

While studying can become overwhelming and stressful at times, make sure to have some fun too! Enjoy a coffee break, hike or skype session with your friends or family to keep you motivated.

5. Ask for help

If you feel as if you´re falling behind within the first few weeks of the semester, don’t be shy to ask for help as everyone copes with stress differently. UNYP offers individual counselling on both academic and personal matters.

So… have a great semester!

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