Former Czech Prime Minister, Jan Fischer to address UNYP Graduates

Former Prime Minister, Jan Fischer to address UNYP Graduates

On Friday, June 22nd the University of New York in Prague will hold its 17th annual Graduation Ceremony at Palác Žofín.  The Keynote speaker for the 2018 UNYP Graduation will be the Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Jan Fischer. He will address the nearly 150 graduates from more 40 nations, their parents and honored guests.

The culmination of a student’s studies is one of the most important milestones of their lives, when they step into the next chapter of their future. The University takes seriously this critical moment and has had a long list of esteemed speakers at their graduation ceremony to pass on the knowledge and insights into successful careers and to give the students one final gift of great wisdom. The Former Czech Prime Minister will join the likes of Dan Shectman, Nobel Laureate; the Earl of St. Andrews, Adriana Krnáčová, Prague Mayor, U.S. Ambassadors Norman Eisen, and Richard Graber. Jan Fischer will also be joining UNYP in a more official capacity in the fall as a new member of UNYP’s Advisory Board.

Czech accredited Mgr. in Psychology has its first graduates

This year UNYP will graduate its first cohort of masters students from its very own, Czech accredited Mgr. in Psychology, graduates from the UNYP MBA program, NAU MBA program, University of Bolton M.Sc. in International Management as well as the UNYP and State University of New York, Empire State College bachelor’s students.

The University of New York is a leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic offering its own degrees accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, as well as partner programs with the State University of New York / Empire State College, University of Bolton, University of Greenwich, National American University, and La Salle University.

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