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You are considering getting an MBA. You’ve asked for advice from family, friends and your co-workers and maybe even your boss or HR department, but have come no closer to reaching a decision. A quick Google of the word “MBA” will generate a confusing paradox of articles screaming that your life essentially depends on obtaining one, the other half just as vehemently insisting that an MBA is irrelevant to your future success.

In the interests of preserving your mental health and helping your decision-making, we have decided to simplify your research and provide you with several serious, objective reasons as to why successfully obtaining an MBA at the University of New York in Prague is certainly within your best interests.

Firstly, an MBA degree is designed to ameliorate your general management capabilities. It enables you to further develop already-existing skills in a competitive, challenging environment that is perfect for networking. Like the fast-track option with a business class ticket, an MBA allows you to move towards your goals quickly and efficiently. Not to mention the lounges are great.

The University of New York in Prague offers several MBA program concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Management and Project Management. The program takes your working life into consideration- the courses are run on weekends. The schedule is mapped out so far in advance, you can plan for your future children’s weddings; or just balance your work/study life, whichever you prefer.

Secondly, a huge draw of the UNYP MBA programs is those professionals bringing it to life – the professors. Uniting academic excellence with vast business experience, these are the people best equipped to teach you not only the theoretical details of a business, but also the practical application of those principles. Claude Varley, Ex-president of Coca-Cola Bottling France, John Gole, Director, CEE, Middle East and Africa for IDC, or Samir Nassif, PCC, President of Leader Creation are amongst some of the people who could impart their knowledge and unique sense of business onto each student within the MBA program.

Thirdly, and arguably one of the most important factors, are the networking opportunities. There will never be a better chance to meet like-minded, ambitious individuals looking to set themselves up with the best possible springboard from which to launch their careers. It is an undeniable fact that, within today’s society, networking and connections are a crucial factor within business and it is said those you study your MBA with will be among the most important contacts you make in your career.

To summarize, the short answer to your question: Yes! Get your MBA. The pilot for your private jet will thank you for it.

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