Graduation Ceremony 2015

Mark Anderson

Marketing Director

The University of New York in Prague held its 14th annual graduation ceremony, Saturday, June 27th at Palác Žofín.

Nearly 200 graduates from 40 different countries received degrees from UNYP and our partner universities, National American University, Le Salle University, and University of Greenwich. 

Graduates earned degrees in Business Administration, Communications and Mass Media, English Language and Literature, International Economic Relations, Pyschology, Master in Business Administration, Professional and Business Communication, Clinical-Counseling Psychology, and International and Commercial Law. 

More than 600 guests attended the commencement ceremony to celebrate and congratulate their loved ones on their hard work and success.  The event was also streamed online live so that friends and family, who were unable to attend the event, were still able to enjoy watching the graduates receive their degrees. 

Merodie A. Hancock, Ph.D, President of Empire State College, State University of New York, was the keynote speaker at this year’s ceremony.  While honoring the graduates for their hard-won academic achievements, she also stressed the importance of being an educated global citizen, “So, as you are emerging as educated global citizens, I am now going to ask you to pull the pieces all together   Think beyond borders and cultures and give of yourselves to make your world, our world, a better place.”  

UNYP also welcomed the Mayor of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová, as a guest speaker to the ceremony.  She shared what an honor it was to be speaking at the commencement of one of the best private universities in Prague and left the graduates with uplifting words, reminding them to never give up, “Believe in something, God, karma, destiny.  But, first of all, believe in yourselves Believe in yourselves, in your strengths, your education. And never, never, surrender. 

UNYP President, Elias Foutsis, closed the ceremony with a motivational address to the new graduates, “Being graduates of the University of New York in Prague and its partner universities, you are very well equipped with the knowledge, experience, moral and social principles, which will allow you to face successfully and overcome any difficulties or dilemmas you might encounter in your work environment.  It is this combination of skills and knowledge that will make you winners.” 

The professors and staff at the University of New York in Prague wish the graduating class of 2015 ultimate success in the future and ongoing personal growth and knowledge.  We are remarkably proud of their determination, endurance, and accomplishment proud of their determination, endurance, and accomplishment. 

To read Elias Foutsis’, President and founder of University of New York in Prague and New York College Educational Group congratulation speech go here.

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