Highly Ranked La Salle University and UNYP Join Forces to Offer Communications Master

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At University of New York in Prague, we pride ourselves on building great partnerships with other universities in order to bring our students the best variety of study options. Last year, our partner La Salle University’s Business School was named the best business school by the Princeton Review for the second year in a row.

The UNYP and La Salle relationship began in 2003, but in 2016 we joined forces to bring our students the La Salle Master’s in Strategic Communication here in Prague. The Master’s in Strategic Communication follows the exact curriculum as the program in the United States, but in an executive format, meaning the course is designed to help professionals continue in their careers while also working on their degree. Students attend intensive courses over two consecutive weekends per month and have two weeks after the course ends to complete their assignments. Professors from La Salle even fly in to Prague to teach at the UNYP campus.

“This format means that students have the exact same study rigor as in a semester-long course,” says Todd Nesbitt, UNYP’s Communications Department Chair who oversees the program.

The content of the program, its flexible schedule, and the diverse, international backgrounds of its students and instructors make the program one of a kind in Prague. “Today, now more than ever, professional communication is a question of strategy,” Nesbitt says. “A multitude of platforms and applications for communication does not equal success. It is one thing to have access to multiple channels, but something else entirely to use them to communicate messages effectively in order to achieve aims.”

Professors continue to help the students with job opportunities and alumni events after they complete the program. According to Nesbitt, former students have found work in major public relations firms, telecommunications companies, newspapers, information technology, marketing, politics, small business and much more.

UNYP student Danai Baouraki is currently enrolled in the program. She was attracted to the Master’s in Strategic Communication because it aligned well with her bachelor’s degree, and allowed her to continue working while completing her studies.

“The work is quite independent which allows me the time needed to balance out my work, school and personal life,” she says. “That said, the lessons are intensive and there is a lot of material to learn, but it is not impossible, the professors layout the structure of the lessons in such a way that it makes it easy to grasp the information and to do the work.”

Baouraki says she would definitely recommend the program. “I would recommend it to prospective students who want an American degree but at the same time wish to put the theory into their working life. As this program not only gives them valuable knowledge but also allows them to work at the same time and use what they learn in practice.”

If you’re interested in boosting your career without taking a break from the office, see if the Master’s in Strategic Communication is right for you. As Nesbitt says: “The world of communication in the early twenty first century knows no boundaries.”

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