A Hipster Guide to Prague

You just arrived in the Golden City for a study abroad semester. You wear skinny jeans and plaid shirts. Maybe some thick-framed glasses. As a newly international student, you don’t know where to go for entertainment, shopping, and just hanging out. If you consider yourself part of the hipster culture, you’ll be happy to know that Prague has all your needs covered. Here’s our hipster guide to Prague.

Record Stores

Music just sounds better on vinyl, you know? For record fans, Prague has a good selection of cozy shops where you can browse covers and possibly take home a new album to play in the background while you study for your Psychology exam. For a more intimate setting, go to Maximum Underground, where you can also find clothing and CDs. You know, for your retro stereo. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, head for the Bontonland Music Megastore where you’ll find Prague’s largest vinyl shop.


One of the best ways to flaunt that unique hipster style is to purchase items crafted by local designers. And if you’re studying abroad, you’ll definitely need a stylish backpack to carry all those Business Administration or International Relations textbooks. Head to Playbag in Zizkov to find handmade backpacks, purses, and messenger bags. Perhaps you’re in search of a graphic laptop cover, a hoodie, or some cool sunglasses. Vnitroblock will have all your hipster fashion needs covered. Edgy local brands? Check. Hosted in an industrial warehouse space? Check. Coffee and beverages sold? Check.


You love Instagram, but sometimes you just want to take an old-fashioned instant picture and then post it to Instagram. Looking for some instant film or a polaroid to capture those unique moments with that vintage filter look? Polagraph is just the place to go. Not only can you pick up a camera or pack of 600 film, you can also enjoy their curated gallery. Maybe you want to try your hand at black and white film? Analogue offers classes as well as darkroom services. Or perhaps you just want to sip some tea and enjoy amazing photography with other film enthusiasts? Prague Photo Centre features an amazing gallery as well as a cafe to look for some inspiration.

Coffee Shops

Let’s face it. If hanging out in a cafe for hours, sipping cappuccinos while talking about how your favorite indie band sold out after they were signed to a major record label doesn’t appeal to you, then you’re not a hipster. If that’s music to your ears, then you’re in luck. Prague is full of beautiful cafes ready to serve up some hot caffeine goodness. When you’re in need of one of those paper takeaway cups, try EMA Espresso Bar, located near the city center but still a safe distance away from tourists. If you’re in Namesti Miru, stop by La Boheme Cafe, a decorative paradise with a wide selection of java. Peter’s Apartment near the Jiriho z Podebrad also provides a laid-back atmosphere and delicious food to accompany your coffee.

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