How to Avoid the Freshmen Curse – Top 5 mistakes of first year students!

Whether due to the excitement of that first taste of independence, or just being too shy to ask for help, many enthusiastic first year university students often fall into the same traps. Avoiding these common pitfalls can ensure a smooth start to your university experience

Missing Class

For many students the first year of university is also their first time living away from home, which often translates to late nights, and missed alarm clocks.  It might sound boring, but showing up to class (on time!) is the first step towards academic success. It means not missing out on essential learning experiences, having a chance to connect with professors and fellow students, and start a routine of punctuality that students will take with them into their careers. As mid-term season is upon us, don’t forget these study tips too!

Not taking advantage of all the University’s resources

Don’t wait until the second semester to sign up for all of the resources UNYP offers. Specialty workshops, educational guest lectures and supportive study groups are just some of the many resources available to make students lives easier. Having trouble making your assignment sound great? Pay a visit to the Writing Lab. Feeling lost in the topic content? Chat with your professor. If this all seems too much to keep track of, we’ve set up the Student & Alumni Services Facebook group to keep on top of what resources we offer!

Not asking for help

Classwork, assignments, study groups, finding an apartment… With so many new things to keep track of even the most diligent students can fall behind quickly, make sure you don’t get lost under the workload by taking time to talk with one of UNYP's experienced faculty members or even your own fellow students. Whether it’s scheduling a one-on-one meeting with a professor, or just talking with your study group, there’s always someone who can provide the support you need, just ask!

Not getting involved

Life is all about balance so be sure to blow off some steam too! There are so many sporting events, social outings or academic societies to get involved in, hey, you’ll even make some new friends and learn something at the same time. Join the Student & Alumni Services Facebook group to keep on top of what’s going on. 

Forgetting to breathe!

Your first year can be intense, don’t forget to take the time to relax, get out and do something you enjoy! If you are new to Prague go out and explore the neighborhoods or take a weekend excursion.

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