How to build a career in marketing?

The University of New York in Prague offers both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in marketing. In addition to the fundamental objective of exposing students to various disciplines such as International Marketing Strategies, Public Relations Principles and Introduction to Advertising, our programs include components of professional development, written and oral communications, and teamwork. This approach enables our professors to invite a variety of guest speakers who can share their unique perspectives on the world of business, describe their career paths, and offer valuable advice on entering the workforce after graduation. These speakers serve as great role models for our students, helping them to visualize themselves in such positions in the not-so-distant future.

UNYP's graduates develop all of the essential skills required to become emergent leaders in a new era of marketing.

Last semester UNYP's professor William Pattison invited Alba Escribano, the Marketing Director for Lindt & Sprüngli CEE, to talk to his marketing students. She shared her expertise in the sphere of brand strategy and discussed the importance of data analytics in creating advertising content that speaks differently to different audiences. Finally, she explained her unique career path in the sphere of marketing for premium brands. 

A.S.: "I have always worked for premium brands, learning to be attentive to detail because that's what makes the brand premium. After graduating from college I got an Assistant Brand Manager position at Nike, and then I worked for almost six years as a Product Manager at PUIG, working with senior global brands such as Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Prada, and other licenses and celebrity fragrances. It was a fantastic experience to work in the fashion and fragrance sectors, selling seduction and power. In 2013 I joined Lindt & Sprüngli, one of the oldest and most innovative companies making premium chocolate. I currently work as a Marketing Director of Lindt & Sprüngli CEE here in Prague."

A.S.: "After thirteen years of working in marketing, my main advice to future marketing professionals is to work with something you love, because it is the only way to enjoy your life and your job. Also, if you don't believe in the company you work for and are not passionate about the product it produces, you won't be able to do a great job as a marketer. Marketing is not just about selling – it’s understanding what people need and what we can offer them.  You have to be empathic, as well as very energetic, always willing to make things happen. The marketing department is the engine of every company. You need to be brave and not afraid to experiment because you never know if your idea is going to work in the actual market. You have to understand the importance of data and research and make decisions based on real numbers and results. And last but not least, you need to be open-minded and think out of the box."

A genuine interest in something can't be faked; it is the surest way to succeed. However, you shouldn't worry if you haven't figured the niche of your preference yet. Marketing can take you in many different directions, and there is no better time to explore all the possibilities than while you are still in college. In addition to hearing about the field from the guest speakers and your UNYP professors, it is essential to get out there and look for an internship. A good internship can give you a chance to learn first-hand about potential careers without making a long-term commitment. And if you choose your internship experience carefully, you should be able to build a network of contacts and mentors to serve as professional references in your future job-hunting. 


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