How to maximize your university experience

During their university years, students tend to grow and learn the most intellectually and socially. Some describe their university studies as a highlight of their life. During your time as a college student, you can create long-lasting friendships, find future business partners, and even begin a romantic relationship. At UNYP, these experiences are magnified by the international community. However, many students don’t know how to use their time at university to their advantage. Therefore, we have some tips on how to maximize your university experience. You will find these tips handy when you start your bachelor program, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a communication major or a business major


Make the most of your time studying at UNYP! 


Join student clubs and organizations 

This is probably the most crucial tip. You will usually meet people with similar interests in a society, so the chance of finding new friends increases. These groups can help you improve your social skills, as well as pick up soft skills for your future career. At UNYP, you can choose from many student clubs, from Model United Nations (MUNYP) to the UNYP Blazers football and floorball teams. 


Attend school events 

You should try to attend all university and student-organized events. They are an opportunity to meet interesting classmates, talk to your professors in a less formal environment, and generally expand your horizons. A variety of events are organized throughout the academic year – everyone enjoys the annual Graduation Party, and TEDxUNYP is a don’t-miss event. There is a handy UNYP calendar for you to mark the dates. 


Make your voice heard 

The university environment offers you a rare chance to test your limits without serious consequences. Express your opinions bravely in class and discussions. Challenge yourself and others intellectually, and then learn from your mistakes. Learn how to formulate and support your arguments, so that you can use them to change the world. You can also join Student Council and help bring positive changes to your school environment. The opportunities are endless, and you should make the most of them.  


Get an internship 

Get a head start on your career by learning about the real working environment – and just as importantly, a paid internship can also help you financially. Try various environments, from startups to large corporations, to help you understand how you can use your gained knowledge in the future. This will help you greatly after graduation when you search for your first full time job. UNYP can help you find an internship via the annual Career Days event.  


Get out of your comfort zone 

We understand that university can be an intimidating environment, especially after switching from a familiar high school. But you will never know what hidden chances are waiting for you at clubs and events if you are too anxious to attend. Talk to classmates from all over the world. Listen to their perception of the world from a different perspective. Get to know the city that you live in. Explore the whole country, if you want. The sky is the limit.  


Undergoing a complete university experience will equip you with many advantages for your future professional and personal life. Connection that you make during college can be used years into the future, and you will never regret the chances that you did not take as a student. However, it is important to remember to comply with all state regulations regarding the ongoing global pandemic: get out of your comfort zone, but stay safe and be responsible. 


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