How to study abroad in Prague in 2021

If you were planning to start your degree abroad this fall, there’s a fair chance that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed your plans. Or maybe you’re thinking about higher education opportunities for the coming year, and you’re unsure whether it’s still a reasonable idea to study in Prague or not. We are getting many questions from young people looking into studying at the University of New York in Prague (and from their parents) concerning the new rules and education practices we had to adapt to this year. In this article, we want to answer some of the commonly asked questions. 

UNYP is still accepting international students

There’s one key thing to bear in mind, whatever the situation: studying abroad in Prague is still entirely possible. UNYP continues to accept international students. Visa application centers are beginning to reopen in some countries, and UNYP has developed a contingency plan for future lockdowns, limitations, and travel bans. It’s also worth noting that in a post-Covid world, the Czech Republic’s outlook for the future is generally optimistic. The government has adopted multiple protection initiatives including mass testing and “track and trace” systems, and mass anti-Covid vaccination is expected to begin in late January. Current barriers to foreign studies (such as movement limits, longer processing times for visas, and a tumultuous job market) are likely to decrease in the future. In short, the time is as right as ever for you to pursue higher education at the University of New York in Prague and discover all the advantages it can offer. 

Fluctuating travel restrictions shouldn’t prevent you from studying at UNYP

For both current and prospective international students, travel limitations are a primary concern. Although UNYP successfully delivers virtual and hybrid programs, the opportunity to explore the city and culture of Prague is an integral part of the appeal of applying to study in the Czech Republic. You can keep abreast of all travel restrictions and exemptions by checking the relevant government and embassy websites, so you will know whether it is possible for you to move to your country of study in time for the start of the academic year. If you are unable to get to Prague in time for the beginning of the semester, you could start the program remotely and then relocate to Prague once your visa is approved and you are ready to move, so you don’t have to put your future on hold. 

Arrange your accommodation before arriving in Prague

Finding accommodation and buying health insurance should be priorities for students studying abroad. In your first year, you can live in shared accommodation such as the UNYP Student Residence, and this is a great way to settle in and meet new friends. Alternatively, you may find that having a private room or even your flat is better for your peace of mind. Whichever choice is best for you to support your education goals, UNYP’s Student Affairs and Admissions offices will provide helpful information. 

Despite the pandemic, new job opportunities are emerging

If you are concerned that studying abroad is no longer feasible because the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the global job market, it is time to re-evaluate your assumptions! Although some industries have decelerated, others are flourishing –  e-commerce, fitness, logistics, and home entertainment are all examples of rising industries. Moreover, new opportunities will continue to emerge as economies adapt to the post-Covid environment. When you’re ready to start your career, the knowledge and experience gained from studying abroad – including language skills, cross-cultural understanding, and access to a rich professional network – will serve you well.

You can still pursue your dream degree

No one is quite certain what the “new normal” will look like once the world comes to grips with COVID-19. Despite this, the University of New York in Prague has shown exceptional resilience, and the ability to adapt. A multitude of international opportunities is open to prospective students: you can enroll in a course that you love, immerse yourself in a new community, and create friendships that last. If you’re thinking about a career in business, political science, communications, and media, or psychology, take a look at the wide variety of programs at UNYP. Our campus is located in one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and every year we welcome many international students.


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