International Student Research Conference 2016

Humberto Aguilera, Ph.D.

Psychology Department

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP), in cooperation with Empire State College, New York, has been organizing an annual international meeting on student research since 2013. The event offers students a unique opportunity to present their own original research projects, gain invaluable experience and network with peers and professionals from all around the globe. This article provides an overview of the fourth conference held at the auditorium of University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic on May 13, 2016.


For many years, young local and international scientists living in Prague have participated in the annual meeting. The Fourth International Student Research Conference included two local and nine international students living in Prague and guest presenters from Bangladesh, Poland and India. Every year, more and more students from far-flung countries are coming to the event. 

There were thirteen oral presentations divided into five sessions and chaired by UNYP faculty members such as Jasper Manning, Ph.D., Humberto Aguilera, Ph.D., Filip Smolik, Ph.D. and Todd Nesbitt, Ph.D., chair of the department of Communication and Mass Media studies. Moreover, Edel Sanders, Ph.D., chair of the Psychology department and graduate from Columbia University and University of Cambridge, served as master of ceremonies and chaired the first session.

The conference topics were diverse. Most of them (11 out of 13) were Psychology-related. The other two research papers were in the field of Tourism and Sociology respectively. The majority (12 out of 13) used a quantitative research methodology. Many students preferred non-experimental designs to assess the research questions (9 out of 12). There were three projects using experimental designs, an increase of 300% compared to 2015. It suggests that students are more confident facing challenges in more complex research projects. Additionally, four of the Psychology-related topics fell into the domain of Health Psychology, three into Cognitive Psychology, two into Personality and Social Psychology and the last two into the domain of Work Psychology.

The young scientists discussed their experiences conducting research. More than half of the participants mentioned that it was their first time carrying out a formal research project, and all of them found it rewarding. They addressed the issues that they encountered, pointed out the mistakes that must be avoided, considered the limitations of their current study and expressed interest in future research projects.

All presenters were entered into a competition for the top three research papers. The winners were the following:

  • Martina Vnuková
  • Brenda Dobrovičova
  • Malin Vedøy Uthaug

Honorable Mentions:

  • Anastassiya Lyalko
  • Christy Clarkson

The conference was organized by the UNYP Psychology Club and other UNYP psychology students, with guidance from Humberto Aguilera and Edel Sanders. The students worked throughout the year in preparation for this conference.

Future Developments

The Fifth International Student Research Conference will take place at the auditorium of University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic on May 12, 2017. Further information is available on the conference website at



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