Internship Opportunities in Prague

As a diligent university student, we are sure you have already considered the option of applying for an internship during your studies. An internship can be your stepping stone into a full-time position after the successful completion of your studies, and it can teach you the empirical application of the knowledge you gain at university; it also allows you the opportunity to glimpse inside a company you may be interested in working for, or trying out different spheres of interest within your career to find out what you enjoy. There are many international and local companies offering internships in Prague for students and post-graduates alike, and we’ve helpfully compiled a list of the most interesting ones for your consideration below:


The company everyone wants to work for- Google’s mission is to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The company name has literally become the verb to use when searching for something on the Internet, and their headquarters near San Francisco are oft-described as the best offices in the world. Google offers an international internship program (at the moment, they have an offer for a Business Intern for 2017). We’ll assume we don’t have to tell you how incredible this opportunity would be. So if you’re used to thinking outside the box, love all things digital and think you could pass their multiple interview rounds (rumored to be 7), write up your CV and apply immediately! Find the offer on LinkedIn.


Founded 107 years ago, the once-tiny company run by a French chemist mixing hair dyes is now a household name in the beauty industry. Present in over 130 countries, the beauty giant also has offices in Prague and they are always on the lookout for interns accross a wide variety of departments – from Sales, to Marketing, to Logistics. Take a look at their website for current offers and make sure you look good at your interview. Making a good first impression has never been more important!


The US-based technology company, eponymously named after its founder, Michael Dell, was founded 32 years ago and has remained a steadfast competitor on the computer technology market. Describing themselves as “a collective of customer-obsessed, industry-leading visionaries”, the company certainly has a lot to offer any student interested in technology. Their offer can be found on the company website or their LinkedIn.

Where to find internship opportunities

Apart from the usual suspects (company websites, online ads), there is an invaluable resource in LinkedIn, especially for young recruits and recent university graduates, offering many career opportunities or even connections. Browse through companies you are interested in, and see if they are offering any internship opportunities – be proactive, courageous and have a clear goal in mind: e.g. I want to work here to develop my business skills for the next 6 months while I finish a degree in international marketing. An internship is a great opportunity to get work experience that will set you above the rest when it comes to finding your dream job – so use some of these, and get to work! 

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