Introducing the La Salle Strategic Communication Master’s Program at UNYP!

Same great school, essential new focus


UNYP is proud to announce the rebooting and continuation of our now legendary communication-focused Master’s cooperation with La Salle University of Philadelphia. Starting in autumn 2017, the program will become a 15-month Master’s in Strategic Communication, one of the most sought after areas of study in the digital age.

Strategic Communication focuses on the tactical choice among multiple communication options and effective execution to achieve individual and organizational goals.  The Strategic Communication Master’s program teaches individuals how to identify their communication options and how to systematically  plan and deliver communication messages that best fit their professional, business, and personal goals. 

The program is suitable for those who wish to advance their careers in any field by gaining advantages through the development of strategic communication skills, or for those who wish to pursue a career in one of the rapidly growing communication and media industries as a communication specialist. “The global business environment is ever-changing, but the ability to systematically analyze, plan, and deliver effective communication is and will never cease to be a skill in high demand,” says Dr. Pam Lanutti, director of graduate studies in Communication at La Salle.  

In the program, award winning scholars and industry professionals provide individualized instruction to help students integrate communication theory and research to solve real-world problems.  The program is offered in the popular executive weekend format, so that students can continue their careers and apply their knowledge to the workplace. The majority of the instructors fly to Prague for periods of intensive instruction, making the program virtually identical to what students are studying in the United States.

No one is more excited about the program than Dr. Todd Nesbitt, chair of the department of Communication at UNYP. “This is a program I have been trying to bring to UNYP for almost 8 years now,” he says. “In this age of overwhelming flows of information, and countless channels and platforms through which to send it, communication has become more than ever a question of strategy – no matter what type of organization, or the type of message.”

Cooperation between La Salle and UNYP in offering a Master’s program in communication has existed since 2003. Alumni can be found literally all over the world in advanced careers in a variety of fields including public relations, corporate communication, marketing, social media management, advertising, professional training and development, and the media industries. Locally, graduates of the La Salle Master’s have attained high-profile positions such as directors of marketing communications at Czech Television and the Vaclav Havel airport, as spokespersons at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Unipetrol and CEZ, or as communication professionals at Ogilvy, Havas, and more.

Nesbitt expects the list of high-profile positions held by graduates only to grow as a result of the new Strategic Communication program. “Those who will succeed in the future are those who are able to make strategic decisions about communication, in order to make real impact in the chaotic media environment we have grown used to.”



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