Keep moving! 5 ways how to run towards a healthy lifestyle at UNYP

It's not uncommon that upon entering university students give up their regular sports activities. Due to late lectures and longer distances they leave their home sports clubs and quit their active sports career. Which is a pity, isn’t it?

However, at UNYP we neither support nor endorse such a gradual transformation into couch potatoes. Kalokagathia, a platonic teaching based on the philosophy of a bodily, moral and spiritual whole is not only an ancient ideal – it counts to the core values of the University of New York in Prague! The last thing we want is our students sitting all day, slowly ruining their health and good mood. Regular sport and exercise is not only the road to a good physical constitution; the crucial importance of endorphins is also well known. 

Have you ever ended a fitness workout feeling exhausted but with a big grin on your face? Of course you have! Drifted endorphins lead to tranquility and better physical resistance to examination stress. Moreover, oxygen released to your brain helps you to better concentrate on your study tasks. So how can you keep moving? 

Wear a Blazers' jersey

The UNYP Blazers are students’ soccer and basketball teams practicing regularly all season long and representing UNYP in competitions against other universities. Why not attend their try-outs and apply for the honor of wearing their team jersey! 

Hit Fitness

UNYP students have free access to Hit Fitness Flora and discounts to many gyms and fitness centers throughout Prague, like World Class, Holmes Place or Fitness Kotva. Why don’t you attend an exciting open class of jumping, aerobics or power yoga for instance?

Swim like a fish

The Student Affairs Office gives each UNYP student a voucher for free entry to Podolí – Prague’s largest swimming pool with indoor and outdoor pools and its own fitness center. 

Get stretched in your dorm

There is a good reason why yoga has become so popular. You can practice it anywhere – even at home! As a UNYP student you can apply for accommodation in Belgicka Apartments that are not only spacious but also provide access to a green inner courtyard. 

Keep calm and relax

A genius idea! The UNYP Benefits Program offers many discounts and advantages not only to sports centers but also to spas. A faithful workout should be followed by relaxing regeneration. Let your muscles recover and your free your mind with a relaxing massage. Sports and relaxation go hand in hand! 

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