UNYP rides subway to Gaudeamus Brno Fair

Have you ever wanted to visit New York City, yet stay physically in the Czech Republic? University of New York in Prague (UNYP) arrived in Gaudeamus Brno with a NYC subway car, and a replica of Time Square supported by a team of students, alumni and professors to explain to visitors why private education can be of higher quality than state. In a related survey on the portal vysokeskoly.cz, comissioned by UNYP, 52% of participating high school students would consider studying a private university due to lower amount of students per teacher than at state universities. The entertainment factor of the booth was increased by the presence of Martin Carev, a successful Czech influencer who is currently studying Communication & Media at UNYP.

More importantly, at the stand nearly 25 000 students from around Czech Republic had the oppotunity to get information about the university, its programs, sports teams and clubs from a welcome team composed of current UNYP students, alumni and staff from the admissions team. On hand for the tougher questions was Dr. Daniel Šťastný, Dean of the UNYP School of Business. Among the most asked questions, students wanted to know about what UNYP is doing to help students build careers during and after studies, and what options are there for studying in the US without the burden of US university tuitions. In addition to UNYP’s career office, UNYP also have more than 40 direct partnerships beyond Erasmus plus for students to spend a semester in the US or somewhere else in the world.

“A private university environment provides a very individual relationship between teachers and students. It is based on partnership, discussion and helping students to discover new information and process it, rather than on memorizing and repeating what the teachers say. Studies at UNYP are very much a simulation of what students will be required to do once they enter professional lives. One of the reasons we are present at Brno Gaudeamus is to help aspiring university students to understand the added value of our approach,” said Dan Šťastný, Dean of the UNYP School of Business.

50% of students believe that the entry level salary for private graduates is 10-30% higher than for the state ones.

UNYP has also run a short survey among the users of the Gaudeamus partnered portal vysokeskoly.cz which shows that the top reasons why students would consider frequenting a private university are lower number of students per teacher and better career options after graduation. 27% of respondents can imagine investing in student loans to get private education. Finally, almost 50% believe that the entry level salary for private graduates is 10-30% higher than for the state ones.

Martin Carev, famous social media influencer and UNYP student was also present at the booth and discussed with visitors what he liked most about the school.  “I enjoy UNYP because it is creating a really multicultural community and is teaching useful information that I can use in my career. Students come from countries around the world, teachers are almost exclusively native English speaking and there are plenty of sport and cultural activities being organized regularly,” said Martin Carev.

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