Looking back at TEDxUNYP 2021

UNYP is honored to bring TEDxUNYP events every year. This year, we made a big leap forward in all aspects. The TEDxUNYP team felt that this year’s event needed to exceed all expectations because we had to wait 2 years years to host it due to the pandemic.  

Mark Anderson, the TEDxUNYP organizer and licensee summarized the event: 

“We really brought it this year. TEDxUNYP 2021 was 2 years in the making. The circumstances did not discourage us and all challenges regarding the pandemic motivated us to create a better and bigger event. I am so proud of my team of volunteers who never gave up. We wanted to think out of the box this year. A highlight for me was bringing virtual reality to TEDxUNYP or even creating a TikTok video live on stage.”  

Let us have a closer look into all the elements of this event. 

14 Speakers and Performers 

This year’s lineup is one of the most impressive that TEDxUNYP has ever had. TEDxUNYP was able to secure industry leaders in business, technology, education and entertainment. Beside the 12 speakers, TEDxUNYP invited 2 performers: a traditional Czech dance group, Pilsen´s folk group Mladina and a young Italian actor and creator Alessandro Bedetti, who demonstrated his creative process on stage. 

An interesting element was brought by Artur Sychov, the founder and CEO of Somnium Space, a VR platform, who at the same time gave a TEDxUNYP talk on stage and in virtual reality. 

New Venue and Stage 

Some might remember the first 4 modest TEDxUNYP events that were held in the Auditorium of the UNYP Campus with capacity of a maximum of 50 people. Well, this year we brought TEDxUNYP to the UNYP Arena with a capacity of 500 for this event. Thanks to the new space, TEDxUNYP could bring wide options of supporting activities such as e-sport motor racing or chocolate tasting. There was as well full catering provided for all speakers and visitors.  

The stage consisted of 3 big LED screens and the platform itself was 10 meters long and 8 meters wide, making it 80 meters square.  

Team and Volunteers 

We cannot forget about the amazing team of volunteers from UNYP that organized the whole event. The core team consisted of 7 people but the whole event was operated by over 30 volunteers. We are proud to have such active students who spent their free time helping at TEDxUNYP for 2 days.  

All videos are being processed now and they will be available soon on the official TEDx YouTube channel as well as on the website www.tedxunyp.cz.  

In the meantime, you can scroll through all photos from TEDxUNYP 2021 here. Or you can even watch TEDxUNYP talks from previous years here. Do not forget to watch the After Movie from TEDxUNYP 2021 on the top of this article.  

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