Martina Hušková: Life is about little pleasures


From corporate jobs to photography to saving turtles, entrepreneur Martina Hušková’s career has been as varied as it has been successful.

Martina transferred to the University of New York in Prague from the University of Economics (VŠE), earning a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2005. After graduating, she joined American Express as an Executive Assistant to the Country Manager for two years.  She moved on to King Sturge, a British property consultancy company, when she realized the corporate world was not for her.

Martina began her journey as an entrepreneur, starting her own business in corporate photography that provided various photography materials for companies, before spending a year in New Zealand and continuing on to teach English in Asia.  Upon her return to Prague, she co-founded two clothing shops, Mona and Czech Labels & Friends, with the aim of supporting Czech local designers.  Later,  she helped to create a website called Fashion Map, a portal for Czech fashion and lifestyle. She also started a charity collection that takes a percentage of income from the shops’ clothing sales as a donation that supports two local animal shelters.

As a result of her personal interests and experience, Martina has recently launched a project called Voluntair that presents a new way of travelling the world through international volunteering opportunities. She is certainly no stranger to volunteer work and has helped to build infrastructure in France during her time at UNYP, taught at an orphanage in Thailand, and spent time in Mexico saving turtles. Her newest endeavor, Voluntair provides a gateway for people who want to travel and also make a real difference at the same time. The volunteering opportunities are managed and operated by trusted local organizations that provide care in remote locations, “If you take part in a project that is at the end of the world, it usually takes place in a developing country and you can see how people also live in the world. It pulls you back down to earth and puts things into perspective. You can learn that actually life is about little pleasures and you dont really need to have that much in order to appreciate life.  

Martina explains that Voluntair’s goal is to offer customers an experience of a lifetime, so that they can return to their homes invigorated by it, with a new outlook on how others in the world live, satisfied, and with a sense of personal achievement. She says, With Voluntair, I am not suggesting that people change the world. With Voluntair, you can go and change, mainly, yourself.  

Martina attributes much of her career success to UNYP, where student-professor relationships were more impactful than those at VŠE. Her experience included  even lectures delivered by Tomáš Sedláček, now a leading Czech economist, with whom she keeps in touch.  What I learned in those four years was quite incredible, She explains. Besides presenting information, I think we learned how to present ourselves very well. Ultimately, I think this is the greatest skill.

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