Martina Vňuková: Getting immersed in real life experiences

It was the real life experience that drew Martina Vňuková to UNYP when choosing a University in which to complete her BA in Psychology. Martina explains "The professors not only shared their theoretical knowledge with us, but under their supervision I worked in many placements, such as the Prague Psychiatric Centre, gaining first-hand experience with psychology in real life."

Martina credits the University with facilitating another extremely valuable experience for her development, the opportunity to co-author a chapter in a book! Now studying an MSc. in Health Psychology at University College London, Martina was active in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, serving as President of the Psychology Club, and under supervision of UNYP professor doctor Ptáček also co-operating on the translation of diagnostic and statistical manual for psychologists (DSM V). This is the first time this publication will be translated into the Czech language; the project is something Martina is very proud to be involved in.

Martina has been putting the skills she learned at UNYP to good use during her Master’s degree. "I gained the skills of independent learning and research skills which I now put into use in my Master’s degree,” she says.  She also attributes UNYP’s small class sizes as offering "a more personal approach from the professors, this provides an experience unmatched by other schools."

Due to graduate this fall, things are only just beginning for Martina. On returning to the Czech Republic she plans to pursue doctoral studies which will help her to start a career as a Health Psychologist while also continuing her work to develop this field in her home country.

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