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Last month, the Model United Nations Society At The University of New York in Prague organized a group meeting to discuss the links between capitalism and the global food crisis. MiniMUNYP aims to boost the public speaking, presentation, and argument-forming skills of students at UNYP, using real-world scenarios and problems. By assigning participants a country of their preference, students become delegates of the country and learn to develop diplomatic arguments and resolutions. 

MUNYP is one of the most rewarding and fun micro-communities that you’ll ever be part of!

In the presence of all members of the MUNYP Organizing Committee, six participants expressed their thoughts and ideas on a topic entitled “The Existential Crisis: Will Capitalism Push us to Starvation by 2050?” One could argue that six participants may seem small for a UNYP event, but the Organizational Committee believes that starting from a smaller group has benefits for both the participants and the Organizing Committee.  Smaller groups allow participants to feel less self-conscious, and the Organizing Committee can adapt quickly to any unforeseen emergency situations. 

The participants brought a wide range of public speaking and argument-forming skills to the table, but all the participants started to open up during the discussions.

All members of the MUNYP Organizing Committee study International Relations at the University of New York in Prague. With a range of future personal ambitions that vary from improving the economic situation in Yemen to becoming the first female president of Ecuador, they are united by a fascination with politics. 

MUNYP promotes equality and democracy by creating a conversation about current global issues among university and high-school students, providing a platform where young people can acquire the vocabulary to discuss topics that matter. Joining MUNYP gives you an opportunity to refine your debating skills and advance your knowledge of international relations in a multicultural community. 

MUNYP welcomes students from all disciplines to enhance the diversity of opinions in the discussions. The group's current goal is to build a strong UNYP Model United Nations team to participate in international conferences. Follow the link to their website for more information and make sure not to miss the next meeting! ​


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