MBA Student and Alumni Seminar

Seminar Title: Women in Business

Lecturer: Carlos Davidovich M.D., Buenos Aires, Argentina

About the Lecturer

Carlos studied Medicine in Argentina.  After several years of practice, he began working in international pharmaceutical companies  focused on Biotechnology.  He has more than 20 years of experience leading teams in marketing, sales, business management, R&D, and business development.  He also has a degree in Clinical Psychology, and is highly experienced in Cross– Cultural environments.  Carlos is currently working in Canada.


On Thursday, December 5th, 2013, Carlos Davidovich provided a seminar exclusively to UNYP's women in the MBA program, both students and alumni.

This seminar covered women in business gathering to discuss gender situation at working environment, social acceptance, discrimination, social prejudice, women prejudice, work/personal life balance, feelings, social pressures,  etc.

The objective of this project was to open a space for gathering and discuss women´s situation in the business world.


"The atmosphere...was very friendly discussion – was very very stimulated (so it was mostly like 'ladies sharing opinions & talking')"

"I was happy to get a room full of women to hear everyone's point of view on the subject. Overall, great idea and glad I went!"

"The topic created a lot of discussion and Carlos was great at keeping up. If anything similar will happen please let me know."

"Thank you Carlos!  Come again!"

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