Message to the Graduating class from the President of UNYP

We are hopefully running towards the finish line of this long pandemic marathon. I am enormously proud that you have made it here despite the last challenging year and a half. You have proved that UNYP students are hard-working, resilient, and goal-oriented. A whole world of opportunities is now waiting to be conquered, and I believe you have already started the journey to success. 

The education you received at UNYP is a passport to your dream destination. It is important to bear in mind that your efforts should not end here. Learning is a life-long process; once you stop learning, you start stagnating. It’s like paddling against the river flow. I want you to celebrate your achievements, but you must understand that this is just the beginning. 

I know that many of you can’t avoid sentimental feelings at this moment, and that’s OK. UNYP was your home for many years, and it is hard to leave the familiar classrooms, your favorite corner in the library, and the people you met along the way. I encourage you to use the contacts you have made at UNYP. Keep in touch with your classmates and professors. You will be always welcomed at UNYP. 

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to cherish your families and friends, who play a crucial role in every individual success. We all need a supportive and safe environment, and believe me, this asset will be important at every single point in your life. We certainly feel their presence through our students, and we consider everyone to be part of the UNYP community.

Class of 2021, you are becoming UNYP ambassadors, and I am certain that the reputation of the University of New York in Prague will grow, thanks to you. I wish for you all the best in your future lives and I look forward to reading about them.

Class of 2021, we are extremely proud of you, congratulations.  
Ilias Foutsis
President, University of New York in Prague & New York College Educational Group


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