For Millennials by Millennials: Millennial Buzz delivers sizzling job tips to help build your first career!

Millennial Buzz is a new online social community designed to equip recent graduates and Millennials just starting their careers or looking for their first job or internship.  Millennial Buzz (MB) is created by Millennials for Millennials. 

MB was developed by 13 international students from the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) as part of the core curriculum of the Social Media Marketing course taught by Mark Anderson.  “Social Media Marketing at UNYP, is delivered in a format that allows them to become social media experts in their own right, not teaching at them, but including them in the process and guiding them through the most exciting marketing experience since the invention of the television,” said Mark Anderson.  He added, “Students that finish this course have not only the practical hands on experience with two of the world’s leading platforms, but a significant community and following they can add to their CV.”

MB aggregates the very best advice the world has to offer Millennials and delivers it in a single news stream, to create discussion and offer first hand support to others that struggle with the same problems as the students and marketing professionals creating it. In just a few months, the students built the Facebook and Twitter communities to more than 1500 followers from all over the world.

“We have built this community without spending any money, the need for such a service is real, the number of our followers and the positive messages we receive from members of our community have proven its value.  The competition in the job market for Millennials is rough, and the demand for jobs has never been higher; it’s great to be able to help others through advice we find in the internet,” stated Marloes Beekman, Social Media Marketing Student.

“What you do is amazing! Fresh content, interesting posts and what is the most important – they are really useful! I got some creative ideas for my CV from Millennial Buzz, and I keep sharing the content with my friends, as I know they will love it,” stated Sabina Mammadli, Intern Manager at AIESEC.

Allarik Curtis, Social Media Marketing Student commented; “Millennial Buzz has been a great experience for me and my colleagues, throughout the process, were able to learn how to build a social community, marketing strategies, and we also learned about the job market and how to approach finding our first careers. We are actually learning along side of our members!”

Millennial Buzz will continue on long after the Social Media Marketing course at UNYP as the students have taken it well beyond a class project, but a personal passion. Social Media Marketing at UNYP will be offered in the upcoming 2014 Fall semester. 


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