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The previous Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, once advised the delegates at the Young Atlanticist Summit to: “take ownership of tomorrow, strengthen capacity, widen vision as global citizens.”[1]  Model United Nations conferences give young people exactly this opportunity – to experience UN-style debates, meet with other bright individuals (who may become, or perhaps already are, the movers and shakers of our future) and to travel to other countries and even have the chance to visit UN locations, sites and national institutions.

However, before diving deeper into what the Model UN is, allow me to humbly introduce our society. The Model United Nations Society at the University of New York in Prague has emerged as an initiative to create a platform for young students who are interested in international relations and (but not limited to) discussing global current affairs. As the name implies, the Model United Nations is a “model” or simulation of the committees, bodies and decision-making process of the United Nations, including how to socialize like real national delegates. Since 2011, our society has grown considerably in size, with students showing dedication, passion and enthusiasm within meetings, and developing their interest in participating in domestic and international model UN conferences. Many of our students have won awards for best delegate at various international conferences, allowing them to further pursue their interest in international relations. However, our society encourages students from all majors to join, as we do not limit ourselves to politics. Debate topics can vary from social injustice against minorities to tackling climate change, so MUNYP participants will surely find a topic to their liking.   

Once a month, MUNYP organizes a meeting, discussing various topics and allowing students to research different perspectives, countries and thoughts. In addition, some students still travel out to various international MUN conferences in places such as Warsaw, Hamburg and Tel Aviv. Some have even participated in the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), the largest MUN conference in Europe, and the prestigious OxIMUN at the University of Oxford.

Since our founding, we have wanted to organize our very own conferences here in Prague. Last year in April, we hosted our very first day-conference, which was open to high school students from Prague. Next year, MUNYP will be honored to host another international Model UN conference for high school students on January 26th-28th, 2018. The delegates will represent various member states of the United Nations, and will have the opportunity to debate on matters of international importance, to actively promote intercultural communication, to become acquainted with the art of diplomacy and negotiation, and to become familiar with the structural elements of the United Nations. Moreover, participation in the Model UN conference at UNYP allows students to enhance their public speaking, teamwork and research skills, as well as to raise their voice on global issues.

For further information about MUNYP, how to join and when the meetings are held, please follow: or

If you would like to help us organize our conference in January to foster fruitful debate among the youngsters, please let us know by sending us an email to or directly message us on Facebook!


[1] United Nations: Press release:

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