Must-have apps for Prague

Apps have become as much a part of our lives as reading the newspaper (you probably have an app for your favourite one) or making a cup of coffee in the morning for a busy day of lectures. Heralding a new era of connectivity, there are now apps for absolutely everything- reading, eating, exercising, even meeting people. We’ve drawn up a list of the best ones to have for Prague for the savvy student.  


Your white knight in shining, usually ŠKODA, armour. The hugely popular app has been available in Prague for quite some time now and it works like a dream. Order a driver to pick you up without having to pronounce any awkward Czech street names, hop in, get to where you need to be, hop out and…that’s it. A beautifully simple system, the odds of being ripped off by a driver are minimized and you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. What’s not to love? 


The app version of the booming website, Damejidlo dragged the Czech Republic into the 21st century with its user-friendly food delivery offer. Download the app and browse through hundreds of gastronomical options that range from Asian, Czech, Italian or American, including gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian options, delivered to your doorstep. They’ll even go as far as to bring you the food to your front door despite you living on the 5th floor with no lift (this may seem like a no-brainer for those of you from countries with excellent customer service, but for the Czech Republic, this is a big step forward). Their service is usually fantastic and the food choices are truly great. Order away and bon appétit! 


Your public transport hero. Prague’s network of trams, buses and the metro lines is one of the best things about this city. On time, reliable and easy to use, it becomes even easier if you have an app in your phone telling you exactly when the metro/tram/bus is coming. Look up stops, get schedules or find out the fastest route of getting to where you need all through your phone- if you have time, take the tram instead of the metro and enjoy the gorgeous views as you roll through the city.  


When you need to drive (i.e. for weekend getaway), Waze is your oldest, closest friend. Traffic in Prague can be tricky and especially in the summer, or as the Czechs call it, construction season, you need someone who will have your back when it comes to navigating all the narrow, cobblestoned streets. Waze works on the premise of other users updating maps as they drive – adding traffic, construction or police. Waze updates your route if it finds one that’s faster, can tell you where the closest and cheapest gas station is or sync with your calendar to let you know when you need to leave. The only thing it can’t do is drive your car for you. 

As you can see, we haven’t included the obvious ones (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) but having done exhaustive research, these were the most oft-mentioned apps for life in Prague. If you find any more that you can’t imagine living without here, let us know. We’re on Facebook.


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