My First Experience with EFPSA

EFPSA is European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations which was established in 1987. It gathers student organizations from 32 different countries that altogether represent the largest community of European psychology students. 

EFPSA is an organization which is led by psychology students who work on voluntary basis. The main aim of this organization is to provide psychology students with unique and exciting opportunities for academic, professional and personal development. As for my own personal experience, I must admit that my first experience with EFPSA was really unique one and unforgettable one.

EFPSA organizes a variety of academic events such as Congress, European Summer School, Train the Trainers Summer School, Conference, and Joint Executive Board & Members Representative Meeting (EB/MR). Since I am one of the main organizers of Congress 2015, which is going to be held in the Czech Republic, I was asked to join this meeting and even though I was quite skeptical about that, it was one the best decisions of my life. 

EB/MR meeting is for psychology students who are involved in supporting, representing, and managing EFPSA. This year the EB/MR took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from the 26th of October to the 2nd of November. Every year the event takes place in the middle of the mandate and main aim of this meeting is to discuss future steps, work on projects and gain new knowledge and skills.

During EB/MR we went through various workshops, discussions; participated in working groups. As another part of the program were social activities held every evening. The most valuable workshop I went to was prepared by the Finance and Activities Offices about sponsorship for events teams. We were primarily learning about preliminary budget, how to apply for grant, or how to approach sponsors. Moreover, we learned about EFPSA Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) which must be strictly followed. During this workshop we were supposed to create our own poster which had to be later presented to others. 

Even though we were working hard there, mainly on Congress, we also had many free time activities which unable me to meet many amazing people from all around the Europe and also experience different cultures. We underwent various socializing activities such as culture evening or Irish night where we were listening to real Irish story teller and player on traditional Irish music instruments. Additionally, we went on a half day trip to spectacular Giant’s Causeway where we experienced real Irish weather. 

EFPSA seems to me to be highly professional organization which is here mainly for psychology students and which helps them during their academic or professional growth. I am glad that UNYP has enabled me to become a part of this organization. It was nice experience and I hope that not only me but also other students from UNYP will get a chance to get involved into EFPSA.

Written by student of UNYP Gabriela Urbaskova


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