One-day Career seminar with Alex Reidl, took place on March 16, 2013


The Professional Seminar by Alex Reidl focused on a job interviews and application skills, is organized by our Career Office regularly every semester. It is specifically designed for students and recent graduates applying for their first job and is essential to help them succeed in finding a job after graduation.

This semester’s seminar took place at UNYP, room 22 on Saturday, March 16. The participants evaluated it as a very useful event, appreciating “inspiration and the practical tips received from a professional”, as some of them mentioned in their feedbacks. As usual, the students could bring their CVs and have it checked. Quoting one the MBA students - Volha Hlavinskaya who also took part in the seminar:    

“Even if it is not something totally new what the lecturer says, it really helps when a professional tells you it. You continue working on what you do and finally you get the result. So, for me it was not only valuable time for getting tips to find a job but also communication which makes me go ahead and do not get disappointed,” Volha said.

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