One picture away from the perfect prom! The University of New York in Prague will chip-in 25,000 CZK

Prom season is here, and with it, a massively important day in the lives of many high school students – their high school prom.  Before a gauntlet of final exams that a student goes through in May, they first need to go through a kind of social exam.  Students have to put their best foot forward in front of their parents, teachers and classmates at their prom, but this doesn’t mean that their high-school prom can’t be a great party for them to enjoy!

This is why the University of New York in Prague has decided to contribute 25,000 CZK to a high-school prom this season.  This is enough to hire an amazing DJ or band, a famous host or have some incredible food.  Admit it, there’s nobody you know graduating this year that wouldn’t like to win this!

We want to do more than just support students, we want to inspire their creativity and competitive side, and that’s why we’ve announced a fun photo contest.  To win the 25,000 CZK for your high-school prom, you have to do just one thing – send us the most original possible photo with the UNYP logo by e-mail at by January 31st, 2016.  All of the contest photos will be made public in an album on February 1st when you can ask your friends to vote on your photo by "liking" it on Facebook.  Following the voting on Facebook, we’ll announce the winner who will be given a symbolic cheque by UNYP representatives at their prom.  The actual prize will be given to the winning school well in advance, don’t worry!

What should the ideal photo look like for this competition?

Take a picture of yourself with the University of New York in Prague logo in an unusual spot, alone or with classmates, day or night, outside or in school... we’ll leave it up to you, but you’ll certainly come up with a great and original idea!  The contest is open to all high-school students.  All of the rules can be found on our page.

Are you interested?  Well don’t wait another second, pick up your cameras and start sending us your contest entries.  You only have until January 31st, 2016!  Help make your prom an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember for years after you graduate.  We can’t wait to see your contest photos!

Contest summary

  1. Print UNYP logo here
  2. Take a photo with the logo
  3. Submit your photo, name and contact information and your school’s name and contact information in an e-mail to by January 31st
  4. Vote for the photo between February 1st and February 10th in the contest album on Facebook
  5. Photo with the most likes wins



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