Online discussion with Mr. Griffin Rozell (Information Officer and Press Attaché at the American Embassy in ČR)

Last month, a couple of UNYP students had the opportunity to participate in a debate with American diplomat Mr. Griffin Rozell. The online discussion was organized in cooperation with the American Center in Prague and was the second one to be held in 2020. 

Mr. Rozell became the Information Officer and Press Attaché at the American Embassy in Prague this year. He has had a remarkable diplomatic career, living in Slovakia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Poland as well as the Czech Republic, and Central Europe remains one of his favorite regions. 

The event became a lively and enthusiastic Q&A session, with Mr. Rozell answering each of the raised questions thoroughly and with close attention. The participants talked about the intelligence and security services of the United States (including the FBI, CIA, and Interpol) and their operations, the US system of government (e.g. how the courts, president, and elected representatives work together), and the Eastern Mediterranean as a potential area of imminent conflict. The atmosphere was informal, and all of the students were able to contribute their own opinions. 

Do not miss the next Coffee with American English event – you will even be able to suggest topics. Stay tuned and be sure to zoom in for the next time! 


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