Open for business: the 7 best dessert cafes in Prague

From Bachelors to Masters, all students crave sweets once in a while. Of course, we all know that desserts should be consumed in moderation, but as we have previously shared our favorite healthy breakfast and affordable lunch spots around the UNYP campus, we thought that a little indulgence would not hurt. Of course, all of our favorite cafes serve coffee and desserts, but for this list, we wanted to focus on Prague’s best coffee and cake specialists. We tried to include places that are more about substance than style, for people who enjoy eating their food more than photographing it. 

Prague cafes for every sweet tooth

With so much choice on offer, the question isn’t “where can I go to satisfy a sugar craving?” but “if I want to try something outstanding and indulgent, where can I be sure to get the most for my calories?”

Cukrářství čp. 1

This tiny Vinohrady bakery specializes in traditional Czech desserts and cakes, baked from quality ingredients with no substitutes, and we especially recommend the out-of-this-world Míša cake. The café is open from 10 am until 7 pm, or until they sell out, and every Tuesday, they serve a wide range of vegan and gluten-free desserts. If you are planning a celebration of any sort, you can order a cake at Cukrářství čp. 1 and pick it up from Monday to Friday. 


There's something magical about a classic Czech cukrárna like the elegant coffee and pastry shop Myšák. Myšák has been open since 1911, and serves breakfasts and sweet treats, including freshly-baked croissants, větrníky (Czech caramel profiteroles), and plum strudels. Their glass case is full of some of the best old-fashioned sweets, all served up on white china by dark-aproned staff, and accompanied with a dose of nostalgia. 

Votre Plaisir

Votre Plasir is located on Klimentská street, in Prague 1, just a short journey from UNYP’s campus. The precision and authentic taste of French patisserie makes Votre Plaisir’s desserts and cakes stand out. The brand was founded nine years ago, with the goal of shaping a new confectionery tradition in the Czech Republic. If the taste of these deserts and cakes isn’t enough to tempt you, you’re sure to be impressed with their aesthetic. All items at Votre Plaisir are beautifully decorated, making them incredibly Insta-worthy. 

Cafe Malina

A popular café on Instagram due to their pink interior, Cafe Malina serves delicious sweets in the Vršovice neighborhood, near the Ruska tram stop. They’re open seven days a week, and sell cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, coffee, tea, and champagne. The all-day breakfast menu is another great reason to stop by. 

Moment Cafe

If you're looking for a healthier sweet treat, Moment Cafe is the place to go. Vegan cafes have opened across the capital in recent years, but Moment is unique. Their main goal is to provide the highest quality delicious vegan food to customers. From a plant-based tiramisu to the signature chocolate cake with blueberry pudding and cocoa whipped cream, this place won’t leave you disappointed. 

Arctic Bakehouse

The Arctic Bakehouse in Újezd sells all kinds of Scandinavian pastries – from berry buns, custard buns and apple-almond buns to amazing sandwiches and caramel-covered cinnamon rolls. 

The Conductor 

Finally, The Conductor is not really a dessert-oriented place, but we couldn’t skip it, because their soft, sticky cinnamon rolls are our favorite in all of Prague. Please note that they serve vegan cinnamon rolls too! 


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