Plant-based Prague: 7 vegan-friendly restaurants and bistros for UNYP students

The UNYP community is very progressive, and many of our students and faculty have embraced the vegan lifestyle over the past few years. Prague has a burgeoning vegan scene, with new cafes, restaurants, and shops opening around town. If you walk into any restaurant in the Czech capital, you are more likely than ever to see items marked VE – when this would have been almost impossible only ten years ago. 

But why the sudden shift toward meat-free and plant-based foods? Innovation in plant-based options and increased concern about animal agriculture issues have sparked new interest in vegan and flexitarian diets, with an influx of nutritional and organic food stores worldwide. These global wellness developments have an influence on local food retailers, and as a result, vegan products are becoming more available throughout the Czech Republic. With that said, most of the country’s best vegan food places are concentrated in Prague 1 and Prague 2, near the UNYP campus. Due to the national lockdown, all of our recommendations currently offer takeout or delivery. 

A student’s guide to the Prague vegan scene 

If you are vegan, you may have qualms about relocating to Prague to study at UNYP – it is common knowledge that traditional Czech cuisine is very meat-based. But keep reading to dispel your doubts! If you aren’t vegan, this list might inspire you to broaden your palate and try something new. 

Palo Verde 

Classic plant-based bistro with organic beverages and specialty coffee, a wide range of baked goods and croissants, fresh pasta dishes, mushroom ravioli, Beyond Burgers, lunch bowls, and Spanish tapas. A fantastic selection of dishes for every meal of the day. 

Sandokan Vegan Bistro

Sandokan vegan bistro offers a high-quality assortment of Indian cuisine. The regular menu includes vegan, dairy, and gluten-free salads and hot meals.  

Amazonia Café – Step In

This establishment combines a shop carrying superfoods and goods from South America with a bistro that is well-known for vegan lunches. 

Sabotage Vegan Bistro 

This vegan bistro only opened in the hip district of Vrsovice two years ago, and immediately stole our hearts with its stylish environment and a daily changing lunch menu. Sabotage uses ingredients like seitan and vegan cheese to create a range of sandwiches, burgers, and other American-style fast-food delicacies. Absolutely top is the BBQ seitan cheesesteak. 

Bistro Paprika 

If you are searching for the best falafel in Prague, search no more. The Paprika Bistro is located in Rumunská Street, near I.P. Pavlova, just 5 minutes away from the UNYP campus. Not all options are vegan, but stop by for the perfect falafel, excellent hummus, and vegan shawarma, vegan shakshuka, tabbouleh salad, and baba ganoush. 

Country Life 

This old-style casual vegan food restaurant is located behind the Country Life health food shop, in an alley off Old Town Square, just south of the Astronomical Clock. The restaurant offers fast food items, including greens, salads, juices, soups, hot main dishes, veggie burgers, and desserts.


This vegan bistro has all kinds of amazing vegan pizzas and burgers, as wells as a great variety of snacks and desserts. Perfect for the next movie night! 


Photo credits: Palo Verde

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