Prague Off the Beaten Path

Regardless of the degree you’re studying for, you are likely to be in Prague for quite some time. 

Prague, undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, offers ample attractions, ranging from the architectural to the theatric. You’ve seen Prague castle, the Astronomical Clock Tower, and taken a leisurely stroll through the Petřín gardens. You may have even seen some of Prague’s lesser-known attractions, like the incredibly narrow street with its own traffic light that you might miss the first two (or seven) times as you’re walking past, or the babies crawling up the Žižkov TV tower. In the interest of helping you discover the parts of Prague that aren’t quite so well known, we’ve put together a list of must-see places for when you’re in the mood to explore.

Nový svět, translating to New world, lies to one side of Prague castle and yet remains a quiet, relatively tourist-free area. A formerly poor neighbourhood of Prague, its inhabitants were an eclectic mix of writers, artists and bohemians. Tycho Brahe, the Danish nobleman known for his astronomical and planetary observations, once lived here. Walk through the winding cobblestone streets and admire the architecture, considered the Prague Montmartre, at the end of which you will find the Prague Loreto, a notable Baroque monument. Close to Nový svět is the Strahov monastery, housing the Strahov library; containing 200,000 antique tomes, it is possibly the most beautiful library you will ever see.

Make exploring part of your university studies

For something more contemporary, look no further than Meetfactory in Prague’s Smíchov area founded in 2001 by artist David Černý (of the baby-sculpture-on-TV-tower fame). Their website describes itself as a “non-profit international center for contemporary art” offering interesting musical, theatrical or artistic events. Among future events you can look forward to the Autumn warehouse flea market, The Lover, a play adapted from a best-selling Israeli novel, or the Mount Kimbie show, a UK post-dubstep duo. Whatever that may be.

Another contemporary gem is Cross Club in Holešovice, one of Prague’s truly unique underground haunts – unlike anything you’ve seen before. The steampunk interior is cool without trying to be, the surreal vibe offset by its equally interesting visitors. Check out a show in the evening or grab lunch during the day. Don’t forget to Instagram it.

Prague is an incredibly interesting city, offering something for everyone; whether you’re into art or music, walking through parks or tasting local cuisine, take a stroll through the city without your smartphone navigating you and you’ll be sure to find something you never even knew existed.  

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