Prague for bookworms

Are you a true bookworm interested to study abroad? Do not look any further than Prague! Why? Because in this “City of a thousand spires” the spirits of world famous authors join you as you wander through the narrow streets, sit quietly to contemplate or read at locations that will take your breath away. Check out our three top tips!

1. Klementinum

Do you love the way you feel when walking in a library, like the smell of intelligence jumps from the pages? In Klementinum you will feel giddier than a child in a candy store! This amazing National library not only has thousands of books that you – as a student – can borrow for almost nothing (annual membership costs 100 CZK, not even 5 USD); the spacious baroque rooms carry such a unique atmosphere that we swear you will begin to feel like Harry Potter in Hogwarts – that’s what thousands of visitors claim! No wonder the popular server Boredpanda awarded Klementinum the title of The World’s Most Beautiful Library!

Moreover, Klementinum is just 20 minutes away from the UNYP campus and contains an outdoor chill out zone as part of this historical space. Sit on a bench, bask in the sun, slowly turn the pages and chat with students from all over the world! 

2. Kafka’s Prague

Even overseas you must have read Franz Kafka, one of the key figures of 20th century literature. His German-language, modernist, short stories and novels ‘Der Prozess’ (‘The Trial’), ‘Die Verwandlung‘ (‘The Metamorphosis‘) and ‘Das Schloss‘ (‘The Castle‘) have captivated millions of readers throughout the world, sending them on a literary pilgrimage to Prague.

When you are lucky enough to study here, you will feel surrounded by the omnipresent spirit of Kafka. And from UNYP campus you can trace the footsteps of this literary giant really quite easily: walking to Kafka’s birthplace, the current Kafka Museum, visiting his favorite Jewish Old-New Synagogue or seeing the houses in which he used to live, such as in Dlouhá Street or in Golden Lane, a tiny, almost dwarf-sized street next to Prague Castle.

A great place to study is also his favorite café, Café Louvre, where Kafka used to write his masterpieces. Another great place that’s well worth checking out is Palace Lucerna, where Kafka would often meet and catch up with his friends, the Prague literati. 

3. English Literature Courses

Do you really dig literature? Then why not study it! The University of New York in Prague offers a whole program dedicated to literature. Dramatic Literature, Short Stories, Children’s Literature or Literary Interpretation as a Method of Inquiry – these are just a few of the many interesting intertextual tapestries you can weave with this American program.

Or even if you’re thinking of coming to study for just a semester, UNYP has opened, for exchange students, courses in such delights of critical literary thought as Literature in Contemporary Society, Great Books or The Novel.

On top of all this, the university will support your hobby in so much as their Benefit Program gets you discounts in various cozy Prague cafés where you  can while away the hours with your head stuck in an amazing book. And once you’ve finished, don’t panic! As a student, you can purchase new adventures for a lower price at the biggest bookstore chain Neoluxor

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? If you are enchanted by the opportunity to study surrounded by the  literary ghosts of Prague, do not hesitate to get more info here.

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