Prague climbs the ranks as an international study destination

Prague is on the rise when it comes to international students! The Golden City ranks 26th, jumping 13 places from last year, as one of the best places for students to study abroad, according to a recent survey by QS Best Student Cities.

The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic is still building its reputation as a go-to destination, the survey says, but its affordability and proximity to other European destinations are putting it on the map when it comes to international study. That’s not a surprise! With the gorgeous Prague Castle and UNESCO site of Old Town, as well as three internationally recognized universities, numerous museums and art galleries, and a thriving nightlife scene, Prague offers an amazing and affordable experience compared to other cities in the European Union.

That’s not all. The QS Best Student Cities survey ranks universities and colleges on a variety of categories, and Prague placed second overall when it came to offering the best student experience. The survey also notes that Prague’s business climate and diverse international community add to a positive student environment.

“I chose to study abroad at UNYP, because I wanted to travel around Europe and this was the most affordable program,” said Kathleen Budd, who just finished her semester. For Budd, her experience did not disappoint. “I loved learning the perspectives of students from other countries and hearing stories of where they came from. It’s really neat to interact with people from all over the world. You also have the opportunity to travel on the weekends and see more of the world yourself,” she said.

Willemieke van der Tempel also just finished his study abroad semester at UNYP and agrees with Budd. “One of the most important things I learned from studying abroad in general is you have the control on your experience,” he said. “UNYP is a great school, very passionate about their students, with a great environment for new experiences. It is up to you to make the time you have abroad the best time of your life. My advice: Take it.”

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