Is Prague a good city to begin your career?

Establishing yourself as a professional as soon as you’ve graduated from university can be a struggle. Your first job can have a long-term impact on your career, so it is crucial to find a position that not only matches your sphere of education, but actually requires you to have a relevant degree. That way, you won’t lose any time or freshly-minted graduate enthusiasm in building a successful career in your field of preference. After all, you haven’t spent all these years and resources just to be underemployed.

Where do you see yourself starting the next phase of your life after graduating from the University of New York in Prague

Some cities are better than others for students, and the same is true for fresh graduates. In addition to your diploma and resume, many other factors will also affect your ability to join the workforce. An independent study by online CV building platform recently concluded that Prague is the second-best city in Europe for new university graduates, coming second only to Glasgow. The analysis considered factors such as cost of living, local economies, graduate communities, sports facilities, and culture, using data from the European Commission’s Eurostat program and Numbeo. 

The news is especially good for UNYP Business Administration, IT Management, and Communication and Media students. The search results on, the largest online jobs portal in the Czech Republic, show that the Administrative, Financial, and Marketing and Media sectors currently have the most open positions. Prague also remains a tech startup heaven, with the local startup scene growing every day

Many of these jobs require professional proficiency in the English language. Although this is sometimes an issue for graduates of Czech public universities, Czech students who attend UNYP have the advantage of receiving their education entirely in English. In recent years, Prague has become much more multicultural, and many large international companies here operate in English as much as in Czech. 

When it comes to Prague’s relatively low cost of living, we referred to the most recent Expatistan chart, one of the biggest collaborative cost-of-living databases in the world, continually updated with information from expats from all over the world. Prague rated 79th  in the list of 100 European cities, with Zurich the most expensive and Minsk the cheapest. The Czech capital is not only convenient for living on a student budget, but also for fresh graduates to start their careers or even their own businesses. 

The choice of where to live after graduating is very personal. Some of our graduates prefer to return to their home countries, others stay here in Prague, and some move on yet again. But wherever you choose to live, UNYP will prepare you to become a productive member of the global community in your chosen career.

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