Prague Ranks as No. 3 in European Brain Business Jobs

Studying in Prague can prove to be the right career choice if you want to be in business in the European Union. Prague recently ranked as the number three city in Europe for the best brain business jobs, according to a study conducted by the Nordic Capital for the European Centre for Policy Reform and Entrepreneurship. Prague outranked other major European capitals such as Paris, London, and Copenhagen.

If you study in Prague, you’re studying at one of Europe’s top business climates

The Centre’s study, known as the Geography of Europe’s Brain Business Jobs, was released last year and assessed countries in the European Union to determine where the most “knowledge-intensive jobs” were based on several criteria including the tech sector, creative professions, and more. The report was meant for those looking for where to locate or invest in Europe. It evaluates cities and countries to see if they can be considered hotspots for innovation and business growth. As a city, Prague ranked just behind Bratislava and Stockholm, and the Czech Republic as a whole ranked at number 14 out of 28 countries.

“Startups and technological breakthroughs are more likely to succeed in countries that become hotspots for creative engineers, programmers, designers and other innovative, knowledge-intensive specialists,” the report says. “Hotspots arise where knowledge-intensive firms find the best opportunities for future success and growth. This requires the right mix of business environment and supply of talent.”

Dr. Nima Sanandaji, one of the authors of the study, told Prague Radio that many reasons why Prague is on international companies’ radar is because of the number of students getting relevant degrees, such as degrees in Business Administration, IT Management or Entrepreneurship. He also told Prague Radio that many businesses in Germany, Sweden, the UK and other major cities are thinking about setting up offices in Prague or have considered contracts with Czech companies because they offer a high-quality talent pool for fewer costs.

The Czech Republic as a whole offers many creative professions and tech sector jobs and has many students with advanced degrees, such as a Master’s in International Management or MBA programs with concentrations in Marketing and other fields. Those who are interested in studying Communications and Mass Media will also be happy to know that the country is strong in publishing and advertising jobs and has “attracted graphic and printing industry from other parts of Europe,” according to the report.

Listen to Dr. Nima Sanandaji’s on Prague Radio interview here.

Read the entire report here. 

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