Private vs. Public: which university prepares you better for success?

When it comes to deciding between a public and private university, there has always been a huge and quite passionate discussion when in reality we should ask ourselves – why even? All the reasons why private universities are a far superior choice are there for all of us to see – sometimes we’re just blindfolded by the fact that public education is viewed as ‘traditional’ and the fact that it is provided by the state is understood as a synonym of ‘high-quality’. However, this has been untrue for quite a long time.

Taught by actual experts in their field

Professors of UNYP are experts from companies like GE Money, Coca-Cola, UniCredit bank, etc. who are able to prepare you for your own career better than anyone else. The level of experience and knowledge they have obtained throughout their successful careers goes hand in hand with their personal approach and openness towards the students’ ideas.

Personal approach

Personal approach is what makes a huge difference – classes at UNYP have no more than 30 students, hence the professor has more time to actually spend with each student; unlike the public universities where the lectures are usually attended by over hundred students. At UNYP you will experience the student-centered American teaching style, which means the professors’ attention will be mainly on you! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Experience student’s life to the fullest

As a student of UNYP you will have the opportunity to join one of many UNYP student clubs. You will have the opportunity to show your debating skills in the Debating society, develop yours and your colleagues’ creativity in the Creativity Club or discuss maximizing students’ potential in the UNYP Psychology Club. And if you are interested in communication and media studies issues and principles, you are welcome to join the Communication Studies Society.

You can also help organize TEDxUNYP, an officially licensed TEDx event bringing together creative minds and their ideas, participate in Unilever Future Leads League, a global competition for those who want to experience what tomorrow’s leadership is about, or to join the ultimate business competition L’Oreal Brandstorm.

It’s not only the opportunity to study in accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs, but also to become a member of a multicultural community and live an exciting student life to the fullest.

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