Psychologist Radek Ptáček talks psychopaths

Radek Ptáček

They are manipulative, heartless and they know what you want to hear. Clinical psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was interviewed by CHILI-CHILI magazine about psychopaths and their behavior. Radek is a court appointed Forensic psychologist and also Head of the Division for Education with the Czech Medical Chamber. Part of his job is to deal with psychopaths, who can sometimes be difficult to spot at first. Some of them are already in jail, some are in charge of big companies or ministries. ‘‘I am sure we all met at least one psychopath,‘‘ says Radek.

How to identify a psychopath

Most people think of serial killers while talking about psychopats. However, only some of them commit murder or use violence. A big amount of psychopaths work in politics, management and in professions and organizations connected with power and manipulation. How to deal with your boss or colleague who has psychopathic tendencies? Find the answer in the Czech version of the article here.

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