PULSE lecture with Mr. Igor Blažević Highlights

On December 10th, UNYP students and professors had an opportunity to meet the European Human Rights Campaigner and Program Director of Prague Civil Society Centre, Mr. Igor Blažević.

He kindly agreed to deliver a lecture entitled “Communication for Social Change.” In which he discussed the pillars of a healthy democratic society, expressed his concern about ongoing assault on democratic norms and values in various countries, and shared examples of effective strategies for educating a broader public about human rights, especially in regions that experience a decline of civil liberties. 

Mr. Blažević also explained the mission of the Prague Civil Society Centre, an organisation, which drives social change, and empowers civil societies across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The center supports social projects by activists, campaigners, journalists, bloggers, and lawyers, as well as creative professionals such as filmmakers, artists, designers, and IT experts. The main goal of the PCSC is helping civil society become more innovative, creative, and sustainable.


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