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Zdena Bočarová from Hospodářské noviny interviewed Jakub Malhocký, student of International and Economic Relations program. He shared his experience about his time at University of New York in Prague.

Jakub is not only a student, but also Business Analyst at EY, council manager in Youth European Council and he completed an internship in EUROPEUM, Institute for European Policy. While at high school, Jakub decided to study in the United States for a year, where he found an appeal in American teaching style. Individual approach, stress on critical thinking and cooperation with international companies. UNYP offered all of it, so choosing the right university was an easy task. Jakub told Hospodářské noviny about studying at private university and his plans for the future.


Read the article here: https://archiv.ihned.cz/c1-66025720-kvalitni-vzdelani-s-perspektivou-to-je-unyp

Download the article:  Získejte kvalitní vzdělání s perspektivou


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