Recognition of UNYP Valedictorian Graduates


Each year, we say good bye to our graduating class.  As each previous year, we are thankful for the time they’ve spent at UNYP, the ability to watch them grow, and the new perspectives they’ve shared with us and their peers.  

As each graduate leaves Palác Žofín on Saturday, June 27th (Graduation Ceremony 2015), with newly earned degrees, we are proud of their trust in our staff and professors. We are proud of their motivation and determination to come so far.   And beyond doubt, we are proud that each and every member of the 2015 graduating class has been a part of the UNYP family.

With that being said, we thought it was important to mention the successes of those who have gone above and beyond, pushed themselves to the limit, and achieved a great honor.

The 2015 UNYP Valedictorians are as follows:

Michaela Čunderlíková , BA Program

Damiána Szabó, BBA Program

Regina Gerlinde Goellner, MBA Program

Olga Salei , PBC Program

Matyáš Vejskal , PBC Program

Lucie Černohorská , CCP Program

Veronika Žižková , CCP Program

Teona Karabaki , LLM Program

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