Relaxing Is An Art Form

It is an oft-ignored fact that relaxation, especially in times of stress, is vitally important to your well-being and success. Ideally, you have already learnt to balance your schedule so that you are able to study, partake in an extracurricular activity of your choice and have time to relax.

Relaxation in the Czech Republic is taken very seriously, with several options for activities to fully make use of your precious time off. Every country has specific, time-old traditions for relaxing – saunas in Finland, yoga in India (and California), Putin rallies in Russia, etc. and the Czech Republic is no exception. We’ve put together a list of activities that are intrinsically Czech with their corresponding alternative for foreigners.

The Weekend Getaway

The concept of a weekend house isn’t new, but the Czech version is somewhat different. Most Czech families own a house somewhere in the countryside which they visit religiously, especially in the summer. The students of the family can take their studies outside, into the nature, and revise in a far more relaxing environment than the library or a café.

The foreigner’s alternative: a weekend getaway! The premise is to escape the city and relax, or allow a change of environment to reset your mind. The Czech countryside is beautiful, and a truly relaxing environment for any studying or essay-writing you may have to do. We can recommend, for example, Chateau Mcely or renting an idyllic cottage through Air BnB for a quick getaway into the Czech countryside. We especially recommend Český ráj (translating to Czech Heaven!), the vineyards of Moravia, or Šumava, the mountain region bordering with Germany and Austria.

Green-thumbed re-charge

Once again, the concept isn’t groundbreaking. Gardening usually takes place at the aforementioned cottages, and the fruits of this particular labor are delightfully delicious – fresh fruit dumplings or rhubarb pie, anyone?

The foreigner’s alternative: Urban gardening. With ever-growing interest in fresh produce, and the scientifically proven positive effects of a healthy diet for the mind (which definitely comes in handy during exam season, if nothing else), gardening has become a hip new trend, rather than your Grandma’s pastime. Take a quick trip to Holešovice to visit Prazelenina, a community gardening offering locals and foreigners alike the chance to “grow crops and interpersonal relationships”. Grab your hoes and gardening gloves and get yourself over to Komunardů Street for a chance to grow your own brain food!  

Don’t forget to take time for yourself and relax. While working towards your degree, it is important to adequately balance pushing yourself in the field of academia and taking time off and giving your mind a chance to regenerate. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and make good use of them!

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