A Renaissance for Student Societies

After an eventful academic year, in which UNYP students, faculty and administrators tried hard to replicate the normal activities that characterize life at the University of New York in Prague, it is time to look to the future with optimism. We all hope that Fall 2021 will mark the beginning of a return to our beloved routine, as we bring with us the new experiences of all that we have learned and discovered in the last months.

I have to say that personally, I have greatly missed meeting my students and colleagues in class, talking to them in the corridors or just saying hello to them in the street outside the university building. I cannot wait for the next semester to begin!

Of course, it was not just our classes that we missed, but also the activities that normally occur around them, and that were affected by the restrictions on meeting in the university buildings. One consequence of this situation was that UNYP student clubs and societies were forced to reduce their activity to the bare minimum. One of the tasks ahead in this upcoming academic year will be to revive and restore our student clubs. 

Student societies are an excellent opportunity to complement what you learn in the classrooms with new ideas, alternative perspectives, and practical applications. When I look back at my student years, student activities outside regular classes taught me some of the most useful things I learned, and introduced me to some of the most significant people in my life. Guest lectures, debates, events, and participation in the organization of the club will provide you with insights and skills that are of crucial importance for your academic and professional career. And most importantly of all – you will have fun!

At UNYP, there is a long tradition of student clubs. Some of them have an academic component, and are related to the academic programs that are taught in our university.

The Model United Nations (MUNYP), a recreation of the functioning of the UN’s organs and programs; the Psychology Club, which hosts activities related to this field of study; and the Communication Studies Society, which offers students opportunities to explore issues related with communications and media today, are open to students of all majors who have an interest in the topics. Some of our student clubs have a multidisciplinary nature, such as the Debating Society, and the sport and student activity clubs.

All of our student societies are open to UNYP alumni who live in Prague and want to keep in contact with the university community. We hope that when classes resume in Fall 2021, the student clubs will be more active than ever, making academic life blossom.   

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