Set the digital trends of the future with a degree in Digital Media Arts

Over the past ten years, we have seen the rise of Digital Media Arts as an area of study and work. The heavy use of social media worldwide has created a new demand for creative professionals who understand how to work with text, photos, graphics, audio, and video, using innovative strategies to produce successful digital content. 

Why study Digital Media Arts at UNYP?

  • UNYP Digital Media Arts graduates can pursue digital journalism, digital marketing, creative project management, web and layout design, social media, and content management.
  • UNYP Digital Media Arts graduates are fully-equipped to cooperate on innovative ventures in the rapidly developing world of eCommerce.
  • UNYP Digital Media Arts students are taught how to apply critical thinking and creative skills on imaginative projects. 

This program is designed to assist our students in developing successful communications strategies that can be used at any audience level. We train future experts capable of adjusting and adapting to the ever-changing digital world. Over the past year, professionals in the digital sphere demonstrated their flexibility and versatility by successfully adapting to the forced home-office situation caused by the global pandemic. Their services were more in demand than ever, with the entire world suddenly switching to virtual life during the lockdown. Of course, we hope to return to normal soon, but when choosing a university major, it is always good to keep in mind that you could have the option to work remotely without losing clients. 

A higher education in Digital Media Arts provides you with a set of marketable skills in most job sectors. 

Digital media arts careers vary according to the individual’s preferences, academic level, skills, and ambitions. Depending on the job, you could do art direction, media project management, editing, create interactive design media. Positions are available in the broadcasting and advertising industries, marketing, web design, game design, publishing and communication. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular career options. 

Digital Marketer 

Digital marketers use a range of digital methods to connect with clients and encourage sales. They design, execute, track and optimize digital marketing strategies across all digitally accessible platforms. Usually, digital marketers are expected to run integrated digital marketing campaigns from idea to implementation. You could work in-house or as a freelancer for a variety of long-term clients. 

Social Media Manager

Social media managers lead a company’s social media campaigns to improve brand awareness and consumer involvement. As a social media manager, you can handle the company’s online presence through a plan, content creation, user data reviews, customer service facilitation, and project and campaign management. In large organizations, social media management may play a distinct role, and is also known as social media teamwork. The position can be coupled with other marketing and communication responsibilities in small and medium enterprises. You can be an in-house employee, a freelancer, or work in a digital agency. 

Web Content Developer

A web content developer is in charge of designing and creating a content plan for a company – generating blog posts, photos, and video content. In smaller companies, the social media manager quite often takes up the web content developer’s responsibilities as well. They also need to have some basic technical skills, such as simple HTML formatting and search engine optimization. Due to the internet’s role in marketing campaigns,web content developers have work opportunities in almost all possible industries. To build successful content, a web content developer needs to connect with a wide range of people. This profession involves close attention to detail, and advanced problem-solving. 


The photojournalist’s principal task is to provide photos containing a clear and accurate representation of news events, usually in collaboration with a writer. These images must help the reader to better understand the story. This profession requires strong photographic and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, advanced understanding of the medium, and the time management skills to work in stressful situations. 

Digital Creative Director

A digital creative director oversees the concepts and creative output of an innovative team. Their central mission is to find the best way to portray an idea digitally and to create high-level design ideas through every digital medium. A digital creative director needs to know the most current tech developments, use metrics to influence digital strategy, and create unique experiences for online users. The scale and pace of real-time content development demand a completely different way of thinking than the typical creative director.

Web Project Manager

The web project manager is the head of a professional team of people who create various internet projects. They help control the life of the project, from concept to engineering to online delivery, by examining the tasks and priorities that the team wants to achieve. They collaborate with the client to help fulfill their requirements and delegate their demands to the team members.

E-Business Consultant 

E-business consultants have outstanding communication skills, project management, and problem-solving abilities. They suggest ways in which web-based business owners can strengthen their business. These specialists are trained to analyze an enterprise’s organizational and infrastructure requirements, which could require an enhanced database system or more efficient use of the internet or intranet. They may help develop a software framework to improve inventory management or customer service requirements online. E-business consultants may advise on solutions for marketing, publicity, or site optimization, depending on their experience. Those with financial or economic experience may offer in-depth advice on cost-effective approaches to the business plan improvement.

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