Seventh International Student Research Conference

Seven years ago, the Psychology Department of the University of New York in Prague held its first student research conference, entitled: “International Student Research Symposium: Building a Global Community in Psychological Science for the 21st Century.” The event drew participants from various European universities, and almost immediately became an annual event. Over the years, the conference has taken a different direction and become open to all students studying the social sciences – not only Psychology! This year, we were proud to hold the 7th International Research Conference, with special guest PhDr. Pavel Doleček, Deputy Minister of Research and Higher Education. 

UNYP’s International Student Research Conference provides a platform for academic cooperation.  

We asked one of the organizers, Professor Vartan Agopian, a few questions about the conference. 

What are the main goals of the conference? 

ISRC has three goals:

1. To motivate students to do research, whether working alone or in collaboration.

2. To give students a chance to present their research in public, a skill that they will need in their future careers.

3. To facilitate UNYP students meeting students from other universities, and making connections with other universities.

How does it benefit participating students? 

Participating students get a glimpse of how conferences work, and get to do an academic, scientific, and social extracurricular activity. Their work is presented in front of an academic public, and even published on the ISRC website.

In your opinion, what were some of the most exciting themes of research during this year's conference? 

The topic of demilitarization stood out as a non-psychology topic, and we were also impressed by the theme of the effects of sleep and midterms on memory and attention. Finally, the validation studies on scales developed by students themselves were very interesting too, of course.


Photo from the conference can be found at UNYP’s Facebook page.


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