Should you change your university – and if so, when and where?

Your university years are when you first start to grasp your own independence and identify your values and beliefs – and it is not unusual for students to experience dissatisfaction in the middle of the freshman year, with the dawning realization that they have chosen the wrong institution. Many students end up switching institutions at least once before earning their degree, but how can you make sure that transferring to a different higher education establishment is the right decision for you? Here are some things that you might want to consider.  

Ask yourself the question: what exactly are you struggling with? Is it something that could get better over time? Discuss your concerns with your friends and family. Talking through the problem can help you to see the situation more clearly. Be honest with yourself and those who support you. Would transferring to a different university solve your issues, and how? Once you have made your decision to leave, it is crucial to be a lot more thorough and careful when you choose a new place to study. After all, you don’t want to lose too much precious time. Today’s work market is very competitive, and falling behind might make it harder for you to find a real job without graduating from university.

As you can learn from our Alumni Success Stories, a lot of our students decided to transfer to UNYP from public universities in the Czech Republic. Some of our students choose to relocate because their aspirations have risen and their career choices have been clarified, and this is also a very valid reason. You may also be interested in moving to a university with a better reputation than your current institution. 

Although it is never easy to radically change your plans, continuing your education at the University of New York in Prague can be a life-changing experience, as studying in English gives our students an advantage when searching for a job after graduation. In the past decade, the Czech Republic has become a lot more international, and it is now almost impossible to find a job listing that does not require the English language. If you had never previously considered your language of study to be important, now is a great chance for you to reconsider. 

While younger Czechs understand the benefits of studying at private schools, private education still carries a stigma among the general population – of course, the older generation were unable to experience the benefits first-hand. For twenty years, UNYP graduates have found success and fulfilment in their careers, both as employees and as entrepreneurs, because of our comprehensive approach to learning. Our instructors encourage students to engage in discussion and make valid arguments, rather than simply memorizing and repeating facts. All UNYP programs help students to develop the soft skills that employers need most in 2019. 

Coming to the University of New York in Prague gives Czech students an American degree, and a Czech MŠMT accredited degree, as well as the opportunity to become part of an active community.  UNYP offers many opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities, from sports to politics, poetry, psychology, and of course, TEDxUNYP. Did you know that TEDxUNYP is one of the only TEDx events in the Czech Republic that delivers its program exclusively in English? In five years, we've curated over 40 unique TED talks, with several of them receiving over a million views! Our students are always invited to participate in the TEDxUNYP organization, and to have the opportunity to become the next TEDxUNYP speaker. Can you imagine how amazing would it be to record a TED talk while still being a student? Think of how good this would look on your resume when job-hunting after graduation. 

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